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Warning: Dating Sites Don't Want You To Know This, They Can't Stop You

Dating sites absolutely hate hookup sites. It sounds odd, but it's true. Most online dating sites want you spend as much time as possible on their platform. They want you to spend hours on there, consuming ads and distracting you from everything else in your life. The more time you spend on there, the more money they get from ads!

But the best hookup site are the total opposite. They want you to log on, find someone to fuck and log off. No hassle, no bullshit. That's exactly what this hookup site does. You can find sex partners every night of the week without having to go through rounds of swiping or boring conversation. If you're a busy guy, or if you just hate online dating, this app will fix you right up.
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Welcome to The Last Hookup Site You'll Ever Need

The hookup dating site we're talking about is Adult Friend Finder, one of the best and most reputable adult dating sites on the internet. AdultFriendFinder is all about the casual encounters, one night stands and impulsive hookups. It's a place to come if you just want easy sex with a local woman and nothing more. You might not find true love here, but you'll definitely find true lust!

What makes AdultFriendFinder stand out from the crowd? Well, it's more than just a hookup app. It's a thriving community of sex-positive kinksters who are just looking for all the fun and none of the commitment. If you're looking for casual dating with local hot women, you've come to the right place. Here's everything that makes our site so appealing.

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Amazing Dating Site Features

The top reason why AdultFriendFinder is the best hookup site out there is due to all of the amazing features. Most adult hookup sites keep things simple, but AdultFriendFinder goes above and beyond to ensure its users have plenty of options available. Here's what makes AFF the number one dating website:

Fast Signup

Registration takes two minutes. Put in your username and e-mail and you're ready. No personal information is required. You can even register with your Facebook account!

Millions of Members

AdultFriendFinder has one of the biggest user bases of any hookup site or dating app. With constant user activity, you'll never be short of hookup options.

Daily Matches

New compatible matches every single day! You don't have to spend hours swiping through profiles. AFF brings the matches right to your front page.

High Female to Male Ratio

Other sites can't compare to AFF's female to male ratio. We're one of the few sex apps that have more hot girls than men!

Find Local Hookups

Finding sex online has never been easier with our search function. You can find a fuck buddy or a one night stand within a few miles of your house!

No Fake Profiles

AdultFriendFinder catches and bans fake users as soon as they crop up. Very few fake profiles exist on here, just another reason we're one of the best hookup sites.

Personal Ads

If exchanging private messages isn't for you, you can use our personal ads section. Just post what you're looking for and wait for the replies to roll in.

Completely Free

You don't need a paid subscription to enjoy our hookup site. Absolutely everything on here is completely free, from direct messaging to chat rooms.

Video Chat

Want to take a hot conversation to the next level? You can use our video chat feature to see your chat partner in real time. It's totally free to use too!

Chat Rooms

One of the best ways to meet new people on AdultFriendFinder is through our chat rooms. You'll be surprised who you might connect with!

Member Content

Our member content area is full of nude photos, sexy videos and erotic stories written by the very same people who use our sex site.
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Other Hookup Sites Can't Compare

There's a reason why AFF has 20 million users worldwide - because it gets results. We're not here to waste your time and keep you glued to our app so we can sell ad space. We want to improve your sex life and facilitate casual sex between horny people. Right now, there's a gorgeous girl in your city looking for someone to satisfy her, and she just needs a place to find it.

Where do you think all those slutty girls from your college find their next slab of cock? All those sexy stories you hear from your female co-workers, where do you think they find the guys they fuck? Quite simply, they're using hookup sites like ours. We take the hassle out of finding casual engagements so you and your fuck buddy can get right down to business.

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No More Expensive Dating

The simple truth is that everyone hates regular dating. Sitting and chatting about bullshit for hours on end, only to get ghosted by the chick at the end of it? The modern man doesn't have time for that shit. He just wants to meet up, fuck and be on his way. And fortunately for the modern man, there are millions of women out there who just want that too.

With AdultFriendFinder, you can forego the whole expensive dinner and bowling trip dates and move straight into the bedroom. The ladies on here don't expect it, and they don't even want it anyway. These babes are just as busy as you with their lives, so all they're looking for is a pump and dump. If you're willing to give it to them, they're willing to take it.

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Pros of Our Hookup Site

There's a lot to love about our dating platform, especially when compared to every other site out there. We ensure that our users get value for money, even if our features are totally free to enjoy! Here are just some of the reasons 20 million people have chosen us as their place to find casual sex.

Everyone is Welcome

One thing most guys hate about dating apps is how everything is based on looks. On our dating site, you don't need to worry about that. You don't have to be rich, ripped, or ripe to get laid on here. All these babes want is a man who can deliver in the bedroom. As long as your sexual stamina is up to the task, you'll find plenty of action.

Thriving Community

Community spirit is the heart of the AFF experience. If you're nervous about sending private messages, you can use our forums, chat rooms or personal ads section to find a fuck partner for the night. The hottest connections come when you least expect it, and all of our users are open-minded and eager to meet new people. You might be surprised who you meet in our chatrooms!

Different Relationship Types

Looking for a fuckbuddy for a one-off bang? Maybe you're more into friends with benefits? Whatever it is, you'll find it on here. All of our users are looking different kinds of relationships, but the one thing they have in common is that they all love sex. Talk to people, communicate your needs and you'll find someone who matches you perfectly.

Active Users

Lots of adult apps claim they have 'millions of registered users,' but the real important part is active users. As you'll see from our home page, there's new activity on here every second of the day. At any one time, we have around 200,000 users currently prowling the site. That's a lot of people looking for casual sex. Given our female to male ratio, you can guarantee that a large chunk of these users are ladies.

Location Search

One of the easiest ways to find sex is to use a location search. People are much more willing to hook up if they know that the other person is located nearby, that's why we make sure that our location search is constantly up to scratch. You can search by town, city, zip code or keyword to find your next sexual conquest with ease.

Member Video Uploads

Sometimes, you don't have the energy to find a hookup for the night. That's why our member content section is so damn popular. On here, our frisky users put up their hottest pictures and videos for you to enjoy, and a link to their profile is always included too. If you like what you see, you can hit them up and maybe arrange a meetup.
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Stop Dating & Start Fucking Today

If you're sick and tired of the dating game, it's time to make a change. No longer do you have to take a woman out on three dinner dates before she spreads her legs for you. Those high maintenance chicks are all using traditional dating sites, but AdultFriendFinder offers a different breed of women for you to enjoy.

So come and join the millions of men who've decided to say YES to a life of sexual fulfillment and instant gratification whenever they want it. Sign up today and find out exactly why we're the best sex site on the hookup scene today. We guarantee you'll find your first hot fuck within 15 minutes of registering! Now, what other sites can claim that?

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Here's a Short List of Other Hookup Sites That Actually Work:

It's not just AFF that guarantees easy sex. If you're looking for casual sex, there are a few other options out there for you too. Whether it's casual hookups or a friends with benefits arrangement, here are the 10 best hookup sites and apps to check out.

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is one of the most unique hookup sites around today. On here, all of the women are already in relationships, but that hasn't stopped them looking for extra-marital one night stands. Ashley Madison is full of older women who want some side-cock, just one of the reasons why it's one of the best hookup apps around.


Fling is an hookup app with a difference. It's all about the anonymity. The app encourages its users to take naughty pics and videos of themselves then send them out into the aether. It works like Snapchat, only you don't know where your snaps will end up. It goes to a completely random stranger somewhere in your country. This can lead to some very sexy conversations.


WellHello is a whole adult community that offers nude content, adult webcams and more. With so many horny users, it's easy to find a willing sex partner for the night no matter where you are in the world. WellHello keeps things casual, much like AFF, and encourages casual relationships and local hookups. The site is entirely free to use, and given it's great features it's one of the best sex dating sites on the scene today.


Alt.com is the best BDSM hookup site by far. BDSM doesn't often translate well to hookups, but Alt.com changes that significantly. The kinksters on here more than happy to jump into bed with another frisky soul whom they've just met. If you like it rough, or you're into some crazy kinks, Alt.com is the hookup website to check out.

Plenty of Fish

POF is a traditional online dating site that puts focus on serious relationships, but it's a decent place to find a one night stand too. As one of the oldest hookup sites around, it's got millions of users the world over. You might have to sieve through a few people first, but you can easily find some no-strings-attached fun on POF.


Looking for a sugar momma or sugar daddy? Seeking is the hookup website you need. This is less of a dating platform and more of a place for transactional activity. If you've got the money, Seeking helps you find a hot young babe to accompany you on your travels. Provide her with a lavish lifestyle and she'll reward you with sex.


Bumble is a hookup-dating app hybrid that puts the power in the women's hands. Bumble works almost exactly like Tinder, except once you've matched with someone, it's up to the female to initiate conversation. Once conversation starts, you only have 24 hours to chat (or hookup) then you can no longer communicate. Bumble is more of a casual dating app, but you can still find easy sex if you get lucky.

The League

The League is a casual dating site for the elite. Celebrities, athletes, YouTubers, Instagram models. The League is where these A-listers come to find their next one night stand or casual partner. If you think you're worthy of joining the League, simply join the waiting list and pray that luck is on your side. It's not the best hookup app of all, but if you're ever going to bang a Twitch thot, this is how you do it.


Happn is a great way to connect with people you've already crossed paths with. Using your location services, Happn lets you know when you've crossed paths with another Happn user in real life. Once you're connected, you can begin chatting, and you already know that person is within traveling distance. It's a great, gimmicky way to find local hookups in your area.


Grindr is the holy grail for gay men. It's by far the top hookup app for any gays looking for easy cock that same night. Simply log on, browse through local matches and send as many messages as you want. You definitely won't find a long term relationship on Grindr but you'll find someone to fill your holes within 15 minutes.
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Stephen's Sex Sites review

I've always hated dating, so when I first heard about AdultFriendFinder I knew I had to check it out. I read some reviews and thought to myself there is no way an app like this is real. But once I logged on and started chatting, I found loads of open-minded girls within a couple of miles of my house! Needless to say, these ladies have kept me busy. In the past few months alone I've had more casual encounters than I can remember!

27 comments, 17 shares
Julian's Sex Sites review

I'll be the first to say I'm not the best looking guy in the world, and the world of dating hasn't been great to me. But since getting on AFF, my sex life has gone through the roof. I'm not a greedy guy, so one or two hookups a month is more than enough for me. Luckily, finding that kind of casual sex is the easiest thing in the world now. I've used other apps in the past, but AFF is the best hookup app by a million miles.

82 comments, 25 shares

Still Have Questions About Adult Dating Sites?

What sex dating sites are not scams?

Adult Friend Finder, WellHello and Fling are some of the best hookup sites and apps that are not scams. Not only are all of these hookup sites free, but they're heavily moderated to ensure that only real users operate on the platform.

How to open blocked sex sites?

The best and most efficient way to open blocked sex sites is with a VPN. A VPN reroutes your online traffic through a server located anywhere in the world, allowing you access to other sites you country doesn't otherwise allow. The best two VPNs for adult sites are ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

Are there any real sex dating apps?

Yes, there are many genuine sex apps currently available. Some of the most popular ones include AdultFriendFinder, Fling, Ashley Madison and WellHello. All of these platforms are moderated by dedicated staff who quickly boot out fake profiles, leaving only real users in place.

Which hookup sites are completely free?

There are a number of dating platforms that are completely free. The most popular ones are AdultFriendFinder, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid and WellHello. All of these sites are trustworthy and reputable and can be joined completely for free today.

What is CasualX?

CasualX is an adult dating site that deals exclusively in casual relationships. It works exactly like Tinder is that you need to swipe and match with a user before you can converse, but unlike Tinder, CasualX requires a paid membership to use.